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Suorin Air Pod System Review

Suorin is known for its compact and functional pod systems. You’ve probably heard about the Suorin Drop. The Suorin Air is just as portable and functional as the This device is shaped like a credit card. It is slightly thicker. This device is extremely easy to use. There are no buttons on it. The device is draw-activated. There’s virtually no learning curve for the Suorin Air. It takes just a few minutes to figure out everything about the device. You will enjoy smooth, flavorful vaping sessions with this device.

The design of the Suorin Air is quite lovely. The mouthpiece is on the top corner of the pod. At the base area of the device, you will see an OFF/ON knob. Once you turn it on, you can start vaping. The device is draw-activated.

The Suorin Air comes with a 400mAh built-in battery. You can use it for an entire day or maybe half a day before you’ll need to recharge. There is an LED light on the device which serve as a battery life indicator. When the battery is low, the LED shows a red light, so you’ll know it is time to recharge. The kit includes a micro USB cable for charging the pod system. It takes just 40 mins for the battery to recharge when it is low. This means you don’t have to wait for a long time to start vaping again.

The pod that comes with the Suorin Air pod system can hold 2ml of e-juice. Thankfully, it is refillable so you can choose which e-juice flavor you want to enjoy. This device is designed for vaping nic salts e-liquids. To refill the tank, all you have to do is remove the pod and remove the plastic covering of the filling port under the device. The filling port will fit the tip of most e-juice bottles.

The Suorin Air is a straightforward device. It doesn’t require much maintenance apart from charging. The pod is replaceable. You can refill it quite a few times before you’ll need to replace it. There’s no specific number of refills before you need to replace it. There are different ideas on the subject. I’d suggest replacing it once you start noticing performance issues like troubles taking a puff or a weird taste.

The vapor production of the Suorin Air is quite impressive considering its size. The general performance of this device is pretty good. If you want an ultra-portable vape device that you can slip into your pocket and vape discreetly anywhere, the Air is a perfect choice. You can get the Suorin Air Pod System for only $17.99 at Ejuice Deals. Replacement pods for this device cost only $3.99 each at this store.


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