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Suorin Air Plus Pod System Vape Kit Review

Suorin worked hard and was able to improve upon the most popular vape pod system on the market as they release the Suorin Air Plus.

They took a classic design, redeveloped, and re-engineered it. The Suorin Air Plus delivers better performance, longer battery life, and greater flavor than its predecessor. If you have used the original Suorin Air, you know that the challenges Suorin has set for itself sound insane as the original has gained critical acclaim around the globe. With that being said, this device is more powerful, sleeker, and appears to be able to do everything the company created it for.

Design and Build Quality

Anyone can tell immediately after setting eyes on this device that it is very slim. It’s only 10mm thick. The Suorin Air V2 was a little slimmer at 8mm thick but the size increase is barely noticeable and it’s still extremely thin. Air Plus is also very small and compact; it’s 93.2mm tall and 50mm wide which is only slightly smaller than a credit card.

The card-like shape and slimness of the Air Plus make it a great device. It’s small and slim enough to slip into any pocket with ease.

The design is also really simple. Suorin Air Plus is printed on one side of the device and the Suorin logo is printed on the other. Otherwise, the device is plain. The simple design of this pod vape will suit the style of most vape enthusiasts.

Unlike the Suorin Air V2, there’s no ON/OFF switch on the Air Plus. There are no buttons at all. The device is draw-activated so once you insert the pod, you are ready to vape.


The Suorin Air Plus comes with a 930 mah battery. This is smaller than a credit card, by a full 5mm down one long side and across the top. It’s 1cm thick but seems thinner, thanks to its rounded, ergonomic edging.

The Suorin Air Plus can stand upright on its base with surprisingly good balance and you’ve never seen a pod looking so sophisticated and spacey.

The battery/body has a matte-metallic finish and the coating is fingerprint and scratch-resistant so it maintains its pristine look.

The base has a USB-C port for charging on one side, so it can lie flat to charge and the port is hidden when it stands.

There is a tiny airflow intake near the USB port on the base. To the edge of the device, directly above the USB port, is a contrasting black-tinted plastic. This hides within it a row of LED indicators that light up along the edge of the device to reveal battery levels.


The pods are rated at 1ohms and 0.7ohms and connect to the mod via magnets. They only go in one way. This is mostly because of that sharp plastic edge that matches the edge of the device, so don’t force it if doesn’t go into the mod on the first try. On the bottom of the pod, you’ll notice a red silicone plug, which seals the fill port. You can yank it out fairly easily, but plugging it back in takes some getting used.

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