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Sour Apple Vape Juice by NKTR Review

NKTR is an e-juice manufacturing company based in Southern California. The company specializes in the manufacture of single-fruit flavored e-juices. It also prides itself on being the first to provide Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) products. TFN products have nicotine that has been synthetically created in a laboratory.

NKTR products on the market are highly prevalent and appreciated by vapers for their unique flavor. If you like single-fruit flavored e-liquids, you will relish NKTR products. Among its products, Sour Apple has wide popularity on the market.  Sour Apple is part of the new line of e-liquids by the company NKTR Sour, which includes Sour Apple, Sour Strawberry, and Sour Watermelon. NKTR Sour Apple is an all-day-vape that blends high-quality ingredients to produce a sensational refreshing and sour flavor

A Fantastic Flavor

As you vape, there is the flavor of tart and sweet at the same time. It tastes more like green apple. It’s delicious, and not too dry. There is a tantalizing balance of sweet and tart. On the inhale there is the flavor of crisp green apple, and on the exhale there is subtle note of sour green apple candy

VG/PG Ratio

Sour Apple of NKTR consists of max VG, 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG). The ratio is often preferred by vapers because it’s the best mix of flavor and cloud production. Cloud chaser like the thickness of the vapor that can be felt in the mouth. As you blow, the massive cloud lingers a few seconds in the air.

A rebuildable dripping atomizer is the best device if you seek to take advantage of all the vapor and cloud production, and have a fantastic vaping experience.

Nicotine Strength

You have a choice between 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The choice is personal however, there are vapers that prefer higher nicotine levels for a strong throat hit. These levels are low levels of nicotine and produce mild throat hits. You feel a smooth sensation in the throat that is not overpowering. There is no burning or charring sensation.  If you desire strong throat hits, you can always step up the ladder by purchasing nic shots.


The 30ml dropper bottle is unique with an abstract, but unique green, yellow and black colors. There hardly is anything written on the bottle.

The box has the same beautiful abstract design as the label and contains all the  information about the product such as VG/PG, nicotine strength, ingredients, and the mandatory notification found on all products containing nicotine.


You can buy ejuice online at an excellent price. Vapefu offers premium-quality e-juices at some of the best prices you can find on the market. Sour Apple is available for only $19.97. It’s a fantastic opportunity to purchase a popular e-liquid that’s taking the market by storm. At Vapefu, you have excellent customer service and many other opportunities to make some fantastic savings.  


NKTR 100% Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) is odorless and tasteless, allowing for a purer flavor palate along with an intricate and layered e-liquid profile. The company advocates that all its products are the result of natural flavoring and of TFN. Their products are not derived from tobacco leaves, stem, or waste dust. As you vape, you will not feel any chemical aftertaste to suggest artificial flavoring. By using TFN, each flavor offers a cleaner vaping experience with minimum carbon buildup on the coils.

NKTR was founded by SQN Vapor. The company has some of the best fruit-flavored e-liquids in the industry. It began operations just a few years back, but already is recognized for the high-quality and fantastic flavors of its products. Sour Apple is an all-day vape for many vapers.

Sour Apples offer another twist to the taste of apples. There are many apples-flavored e-liquids, but Sour Apple by NKTR brings a unique taste which is appreciated by flavor chasers. You will find that the flavor is sublime that gives a subtle sweetness and sourness that is appetizing. It’s just overwhelmingly delicious. If you’re a vaper who likeS fruit-flavored e-liquids or if you just want to discover new flavors, you should try Sour Apple by NKTR. You will relish every vape and still crave for more.


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