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Slim Battery Kit by VaporTech Review

Slim Battery Kit by VaporTech Review

The Slim Battery Kit by VaporTech brings together a slim oil vaporizer and a convenient, fast-charging battery. The device features an automatic draw-activated firing mechanism that takes away the hassle of pressing a button and makes vaping even easier, plus since there are no buttons on the body of the device, it also feels sleeker to hold. 

In addition to the many handy features that the VaporTech Slim Battery Kit delivers, you also get to choose from 6 alluring flavor options to suit your inner vaper. You get to choose from either Black, White, Blue, Red, Rainbow, or Pink.

Just in case you have not heard about VaporTech in the past, they are an innovative manufacturer with many successful e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and e juices in the market. The Slim Battery Kit is just one example.

Slim Battery Kit – Design and Build

The Slim Battery sports a slim, cylindrical shape that is slightly elongated so it looks like a chunky pen. On the body of the device is the VaporTech logo that is slightly above three LED light indicators. That is all there is to the design of the Slim Battery Kit – simple yet elegant in just about every way.

Slim Battery Kit by VaporTech Review

The Slim Battery Kit is designed with a 510 threaded magnetic connection at the top that is in such a way that it works perfectly with all of VaporTech’s Slim Pen Cartridges and glass cartridges. 

The device also features a rubber tip at one end of the battery that functions as a stylus for electronic touch devices like your tablet or phone. 

Like mentioned earlier, the battery of the Slim Battery Kit by VaporTech activates automatically whenever you go in for a drag. You do not have to push a button or change any settings, you simply insert the cartridge and enjoy your oil.

The LED indicators at the base of the device form a ring that shows different colors to indicate different operations of the device. The LED glows red when you are charging, and also when you are taking a puff. It glows green when the battery is fully charged. It also flashes 10 times to indicate that the battery is low and in need of a recharge.

Slim Battery Kit – Power

Inside the ergonomic and sleek chassis of the Slim Battery is a 280mAh battery with an output wattage of 1.04wh. At first, 280mAh seems like a small amount until you find out that it can keep you vaping your oils for a good amount of time before you need to recharge. Even when you need to recharge, the Slim Battery Kit makes use of a proprietary USB charger that you can easily plug into your laptop. The charger charges the battery in well under 50 minutes so you can get back to enjoying your vape oils in no time. 

Slim Battery Kit by VaporTech Review

Since the battery is draw activated, it means that you cannot manually turn it off so it does not run out quickly. To solve this problem, VaporTech introduced a convenient standby mode that comes online whenever you are not actively engaging the battery. It remains active until the next time you go in for a drag.

The Slim Battery also comes with an automatic power-off function that turns the 280mAh battery after you have inhaled for 8 seconds. Afterwhich, the battery resumes automatically. This is just to ensure you do not inhale more than your throat can handle. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the Slim Battery Kit by VaporTech is a device that takes convenience to new heights. It is perfect for you whether you are a newbie or an experienced vaper. The best part is that you do not have to break the bank to get one. You can get the Slim Battery Kit by VaporTech for only $9.99 on VaporTech USA.


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