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Review of Tsunami by Havoc Juice

Are you looking for an e-juice that will give the luscious and tropical taste of Hawaii? Tsunami by Havoc Juice may just be what you need. This e-liquid is based on the flavor of the popular POG (passion fruit-orange-guava) juice which was invented in Hawaii in the seventies. The POG juice is credited with inspiring the Game of Pogs, which was very popular among kids in the nineties. Tsunami is an exotic blend that captures the true taste of POG juice. It has a bold, fruity flavor that doesn’t get old. This is the perfect e-juice to vape when you are on vacation, or you just want to relax. You’d have to exercise a lot of restraint to stop yourself from vaping this e-juice all day long, every day until it is finished.

You will find Tsunami and other Havoc Juice e-liquids at any top vape store. A 60ml bottle of Tsunami is going for about $20 at most shops, but it costs only $15.99 on the official Humble Juice site. You can buy e-liquids wholesale or retail from the company’s official store at very affordable rates.

Tsunami by Havoc Juice has a sweet and slightly sour taste. It is not too sweet. The sweetness level of this e-juice is consistent with that of a fruit cocktail. What is most surprising about this e-liquid is that you can taste all three flavors when you take a hit. As you can imagine, guava is the most prominent flavor in this blend thanks to its unique flavor. The flavor of oranges and passion fruit comes through on the exhale. This is a summer vape. Tsunami does not taste weird or artificial even when you are vaping at high temps.

If you buy a bottle of this Havoc Juice blend and you are convinced that it could do with a little more steeping, do not hesitate to steep it. Humble Juice usually pre-steep their e-liquids for two weeks or more before they hit the shelves. However, some vapers have found that sometimes this company’s vape juices may need a little more steeping to bring out the flavor. If you choose to steep this e-juice again, one week is long enough.

Tsunami e-liquid by Havoc Juice is a MAX VG blend. It has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. The e-liquid is neither too thick nor too light, so you can choose to vape it using a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Tsunami is easy on coils. You can vape this e-juice for a long time before you will need to clean your coils and change your wick. The vapor production of this e-liquid is just what you expect for an 80vg blend. You will get plenty of heavy clouds from Tsunami. It is suitable for cloud chasers.

Humble Juice produces Tsunami with varying nicotine strength levels so that everyone can enjoy the same great flavor. It is available with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. The version of Tsunami with 3mg of nicotine has a light throat hit. If you want a heavy throat hit, you may need to go for 6mg of nicotine especially if you were a heavy smoker. You could also mix it with another e-liquid that has higher nicotine levels to improve the throat hit and nicotine buzz that you’d get.

Tsunami has the same packaging design that is used for all the e-liquids in the Havoc Juice series. It comes in a clear glass bottle which has the Havoc logo printed large on one side in green color. The label contains a few details about the product. You will not have any issues filling a tank or pouring e-juice on your coils straight from the bottle.

Havoc is one of five e-liquid lines owned by Humble Juice. The others are Havana, Hustle, Humble, Humble Ice, and SVLT. Apart from Tsunami, the other vape juice flavors in the Havoc Juice series are Aftermath, Billions, and Firestorm.

Humble Juice is one of the leading brands in the US vaping market. Almost every vaper you talk to would confess that they’ve heard about Humble Juice or even tried one of their blends. All Humble Juice blends are made with top quality ingredients like NicSelect Nicotine, USP vegetable glycerin and USP propylene glycol as well as selected natural and artificial flavorings.


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