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Penguin Glass Pipe by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Penguin Glass Pipe by Atomic Dog Vapor is one of the cutest hand pipes that you can get on the market. This miniature piece is both functional and attractive. The stylish penguin-shaped pipe features a beak, feet, and eyes. A cute white mark below the beak gives the pipe a well-groomed look. It has a flat base at the bottom which allows this pipe to stand upright on any flat surface. This glass pipe is around three inches in height. It is a handmade item, so there will be slight variations to each piece. This Penguin Glass Pipe comes with a black, white, and yellow/orange/ red (beak) color scheme.

The glass pip looks very much like a real penguin. This amazing animal pipe is spoon-shaped and is perfect for those looking for a smoking buddy. It is easy to carry because of its portability and features a generously sized bowl. You can pack the bowl with your favorite herbs or tobacco and simply light the bowl and start inhaling. You have to clean the pipe regularly to maintain hygiene. Formula 420 Cleaner is best for cleaning glass pipes. Try to keep the glass pipe clean and tidy for a better lifespan. Penguin Glass Pipe by Atomic Dog Vapor is made of premium quality borosilicate glass. The borosilicate glass is thicker than standard, and provides a strong feel and added durability. This glass pipe has a spoon design. It looks like a spoon with a mouthpiece on one end and a bowl at the opposite end.

This Penguin Glass Pipe can be purchased for Atomic Dog Vapor online store at a competitive price. You can get a piece of this animal-themed glass pipe for just $8.99 which is very cheap when compared to other similar products. You will find several premium quality smoking and vaping products at this online store for a reasonable price. Selling cheap doesn’t mean that they are compromising on quality. Atomic Dog Vapor does not have any brick and mortar shop or sales staff. So, they share the saving from building rent and staff salaries with their customers by selling their products cheaply. This company is very popular in the US for vaping products and accessories. They have a wide collection of vape juices, vaping devices, coils, tanks, mods, batteries, and herb vaporizers for the customers to choose from. Buy your favorite vaping products from established sellers like Atomic Dog vapor rather than buying duplicates from street sellers.

Atomic Dog Vapor offers fast delivery services to all states in the United States. All the domestic shipments are handled by USPS at a reasonable price. All the orders arriving before 2pm are shipped out the same day via priority mail. Orders above $80 will be shipped free of charge.


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