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Jam Monster Strawberry Review

Fruity flavors for vaping can be difficult to choose. It may end up either too sweet nor too bland for my liking. So I took on a search for the best fruity flavor in town, and that’s how I found out about the Jam Monster line from Fresh e-Juice. Their assortment suits my taste buds well. It has renewed my discomfort of trying new things such as this jam-based strawberry e-liquid with a salty butter kick. You better check out how I was smitten by this flavor.


Jam Monster e-Liquid Strawberry is the flavor of fresh handpicked strawberries, mixed into homemade jam and then slathered on a piece of buttered toast. Manufactured by Fresh e-Juice, each box includes a bag of Cotton Bacon Bits. I tried to search online for more information about the manufacturer. I found out that this American company is known to specialize in creating gourmet e-juices in the vaping industry. With good name and image of its manufacturing company, I was somehow convinced to kick off a long-term addiction to the Jam Monster line.


This e-juice is packaged in a Chubby Gorilla bottle. It only comes in one size at 100 ml net content.  The bottle has a white cap and comes with a dropper. I also like that they have enclosed a free cotton bacon bits in every box. Do note that the packaging is too appealing for the little ones because of its attractive colors and markings. Hence the company made sure to have a child-resistant cap as a child safety feature. It also has three choices of nicotine strength at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. I always get the 3mg nic level since that is my preferred level of throat hit comfort. I bought mine online for less than thirty dollars only. The price is another good point since I find it inexpensive for its worth.


  • Natural & Artificial Flavoring
  • USP Propylene Glycol
  • USP Vegetable Glycerine
  • USP NicSelect Nicotine


75VG/25PG – It has a thick consistency with high cloud production potential while maintaining the strength of the flavor.

Flavor Review

Before you savor the tantalizing exhale, you will feel the buttery toast undertones of this e-juice. That is my favorite part when it comes to its flavor. I am a flavor chaser, so I always consider the taste when it comes to choosing my liquid. This e-liquid is not just a simple strawberry because of the way the butter essence is incorporated. That is what makes it a jam-based flavor. It actually gave a whole new level of my vaping experience. The way I enjoy the strength of the nicotine and the way it satisfies my palates are reason enough for me to keep hitting on this. I doubted this one at first due to its 25% PG content, but I thought that is was indeed enough for me to savor every inhale and exhale. I can feel the strawberry rushing through my throat giving a nice hit while it is matched with the toasted butter side. Overall, the flavor is smooth and enjoyable. It has convinced me to keep trying the road less taken as jam based e-juices are really not my thing. Somehow, Jam Monster Strawberry made me a convert!

Vapor Review

75VG is somewhat good enough when you are not cloud chasing. I believe this gives the right vapor production when it comes to daily usage. Vaping too much cloud makes me uncomfortable especially when I’m in public places. You can call me a chain vaper or more, but I still find it awkward to be puffing too much smoke when in public. I guess there’s such a thing as vaping etiquette. That is why the Jam Monster Strawberry is my go to the liquid whenever I’m walking around the block or lounging at the beach. Another thing that makes me happy is how good this is to my coils. It does not gunk it up so much. I don’t have to rebuild it every week. It is very convenient to use. I just wish it has a smaller bottle inside the box to make it handy to refill when on the go. Aside from that, it is a perfect monster to be hitting on!


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