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How to Make Vape Juice From Your Home Laboratory

The days when vapers had to depend on the same flavors are long gone. With a wide supply of DIY e-juice ingredients and equipment from top vape companies like top-rated vape companies like Flavor west, Inawera, Flavorah, Capella, FlavorArt and The Flavor Apprentice among others, it is now possible to create your own e-liquid. When you have your own DIY vape juice kit, learning how to make vape juice becomes easier.

A typical DIY e-juice starter kit contains a measuring scale, storage bottles, syringes, e-liquid bottles, labels, gloves, and DIY ingredients. Other than your DIY e-liquid kit, there are various ingredients that you will need before you start to make your vape juice. They include PG or VG, nicotine, and e-juice flavors.

If you have these in your possession, you are now ready to make vape juice on your own. The following step by step DIY process will guide you on how to make vape juice or tweak e-juice recipes as your DIY mixing skills grow.

Determine nicotine strength

The first step is to determine what strength of nicotine will be required to create the vape juice. Use the following formula to determine the amount of nicotine.

Volume (ml) X Strength (ml/mg) = amount of nicotine (mg)

For example, 50ml of 8mg/ml e-juice will require 400mgs of nicotine.

(Amount required) / (strength of diluted nicotine) = volume to be used

For example, with 100mg/ml of diluted nicotine and requiring 400mg


Extract nicotine from the container

Before you do anything, put on your gloves to protect the hands from any accidental nicotine spill coming in contact with the skin or contaminating the nicotine. Since you are creating a 100ml of 8ml/mg vape e-juice, 4ml of nicotine should be extracted.

It is a tedious process to draw the right amount. You can achieve this by drawing slightly over 4ml then carefully removing the additional nicotine until the 4ml mark is reached. To minimize waste, ensure that the syringe points into the nicotine container.

Transfer the collected nicotine

After collecting the right amount of nicotine required, you should transfer it to the 100ml plastic bottle.

Add e-juice flavor

We recommend that you use a 10% dilution of the whole volume. Since you are creating 100ml, only 10% is needed which is 10ml. As a beginner, you can start with a single flavor before gradually using more e-juice flavors.

Add your PG or VG

VG and PG are the base of the e-liquid. For our example, PG is already present in the flavoring and nicotine. In this case, you will use VG. From the 100 ml, deduct the volume of nicotine and flavor then add the VG. Transfer the VG to the bottle using a clean syringe. If you are after a PG and VG ratio containing more PG, go for diluted nicotine with higher strength.

Secure the bottle

Use a child-resistant cap and a drip tip to secure the bottle.

Shake the bottle properly

Make sure that everything spreads out evenly by thoroughly by shaking the bottle.

Steep the e-liquid for sometime

In vaping, steeping means leaving the DIY e-juice some time to rest and air. This process also allows the mix of chemicals to react with one another. Steeping also gives the e-liquid time to breathe. This makes a big difference when mixing different flavors. If you decide to use fruits, vanilla, custard, or cream flavors, we recommend steeping for a couple of days.

Now that you have the process of how to make vape juice, with your own DIY e-juice kit, you can join other mixers in creating homemade e-juice.  If you have some DIY e-liquid recipes, you can use this guide and create or remix the recipes. is a great place to find a wide selection of DIY ingredients you will need to start making your own vape juices. 


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