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Goliath Starter Kit By Delta Extrax 2- Grams Review

Brand reputation still outshines all other factors when dealing with vape devices. The reputation depends on the quality of products, the brand’s longevity in serving the market, and the consumers’ general preference. Delta Extrax is a brand that has met all the above criteria to become a reputable brand that is highly sought after and greatly admired. 

Delta Extrax sells natural delta 8 of high quality by extracting it from natural hemp sources without harmful additives. Their products are among the most affordable in the market, giving them an upper hand in the industry. Delta Extrax has recently introduced the new delta 8 bundles where you can buy different products at once according to your preference.

The Goliath starter kit comprises 2 goliath pods, each holding 1ml of delta 8. Each pod weighs 1gm, totaling 2 grams for the two pods. Below are the top features you can expect from the Goliath starter kit by Delta Extrax.  


Cannabinoid combination

Goliath starter kit pods are made by blending HXY 11 and Delta 8 to make a perfect flavor that is added a THC-H enhancement. This combination of cannabinoids provides a wide range of recreational and therapeutic benefits for a wholesome experience. If you are a fan of new and exciting cannabinoids, there is no better choice than this Delta Extrax starter kit. 

Rechargeable battery

The delta Extrax goliath kit allows you to recharge your battery to keep your device active for extended durations. With a rechargeable battery, you can be sure to enjoy your delta 8 all through to the last puff. Rechargeable batteries are one of the most thoughtful innovations in delta 8 pens.

Compact and stylish design

Besides portability, the compactness of a device contributes largely to its consumer acceptance since most people prefer devices they can comfortably travel around with. This delta Extrax starter kit is a device you would take along with you considering its small size. The pods have gorgeous designs and can fit perfectly into small pockets and purses.

The device has a stylish design that will make you the envy of your peers. This starter kit is built using sturdy and durable material. The great, professional finish gives it a comfortable feel that supports a firm grip. 


Delta Extrax goliath starter kit strains are two. They are perfectly thought about and crafted to give consumers a unique taste and feel without affecting the original taste of delta 8. Delta 8 remains the dominant taste in these strains but with simple enhancements to create a wholesome effect and feel on your tongue.

Berry blue– this strain is well known for contributing to a euphoric feeling and tastes like pure blueberry. It is an indica strain that gives a relaxing feeling and gets your mind to relax and refocus on other things.

Hawaiian snow– this strain is a blend of citrus, eucalyptus and creates a stimulating buzz. It is a Sativa dominant strain created by crossing Haze, Hawaiian Haze, and Neville’s Haze.


Delta Extrax goliath starter kit is the delta 8 device you have been looking for. It comes with a Goliath battery and two pods, each holding 1ml of delta 8. With the two strains, you can be sure to enjoy the perfect effects and terpenes. The two pods are the icing on the cake that takes the experience to the next level leaving you impressed and craving for more.

Where to buy the Delta Extrax goliath starter kit

You can purchase the Delta Extrax goliath starter kit front the Superstrain website for $35.99.


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