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Glacialis Menta by Cloud Alchemist Review


Since picking up the very first bottle from Cloud Alchemist, I’ve been nothing but impressed with their flavor choices, masterful blends, and overall quality of the product line. The bottles I’ve reviewed so far have showcased extraordinary skills with sweet fruity flavors, cool mint variations, and even their lighter side of e-liquid with the vanilla. The next one in line from them, however, proved to be an entirely different beast, and it is just that, a beast!


Glacialis Menta is a flavor that was birthed into existence via a collaboration between the spearmint and peppermint and the Cloud Alchemist himself, resulting in an extreme mint and menthol based e-liquid. As with most standard spearmints & peppermints, there’s obviously not much to say about the flavor of the mint itself, it is, of course, dead-on peppermint. There is no off-tone or base (glycerin) flavor present in the profile, only the cool, crisp flavor of spearmint itself with a slight mix of vanilla.

Cloud Alchemist pulled every mint and menthol component available and blended them with silky vanilla, ending up with a single, intensely minty, exceedingly cool e-liquid. While the approach may sound like an ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ take on menthol, it feels quite composed, purposeful, and balanced with just a hint of sweetness that brings a sense of symmetry to the profile.

The flavor is moderately sweet, yet not quite as sweet as something like candy-cane or starlight mint. Their blend gives the mint a light, pleasant sweetness while still maintaining the refreshing nature of the flavor. With an obvious menthol flavor, notes of spearmint, peppermint, and the velvety vanilla, this juice means business.

Make no mistake; this is not a moderately minty juice or something with a nice chilly kick to it. This is full-on, no holds barred, steel cage mint concoction that is hands down, the strongest, most intense menthol I’ve had to date.

Throat Hit & Cloud

Flavor-wise, there’s very little to say here other than “MINT!” It’s important to note that the intensity of the menthol will vary based on the wattage it’s vaped at. On the standard reviewing rig (2.5Ω 510 hybrid dripping atomizer) I preferred it at an even 10 watts or 5v, which produced enormous flavor, a stiff throat hit, and a sizable cloud.

I don’t detect any additional additives, such as a koolada like an element. There is no added cooling sensation apart from the these already present in the spearmint, peppermint & vanilla. As with any mint/menthol, the sweet spot is entirely what you make of it. More heat will yield more flavor, a stronger throat hit, and more vapor.

It can easily handle quite a bit more heat for a more intense flavor, TH and cloud, but it also performs well at lower wattage with a lesser intensity. In the mech mod/RDA rig, (Wallaby by Slumberland Industries, twisted 30ga kanthal at 1.1Ω on XC-116) this juice is an absolute monster of mints and menthol, producing a colossal throat hit and a thick, dense cloud.

Aged Review (after three days)

Pretty much identical to day one for me. For anyone curious, I dialed it up again to 11.6w on the MOD(5.4v on a 2.5Ω atty) and enjoyed the intense mix mint flavor. Refreshing spearmint with peppermint blends on the inhale and smooth vanilla on the exhale.

I took out my MOD(50w, 10a capable VV mod), quickly built a dual 30ga twisted Kanthal coil on 2mm Ekowool, clocking in at .82Ω, and set the MOD to ~5v to see how this juice performs at 30 watts. It explodes with soft peppermint candy flavor, as one would expect, bringing along with it the stout throat hit that mints and menthols are known for, as well as a thick, dense cloud.


Cloud Alchemist’ is one of the best Washington e-juice manufacturers and boutique vapor-liquid designers. With Cloud Alchemist, there’s no mystery, the ingredients in the e-liquid are displayed right on every bottle.

Cloud Alchemist uses only the best ingredients sourced both domestically and locally.


Size  10ml  30 ml  120ml

VG/PG   80 VG/20 PG   50 VG/50 PG

Nicotine  0mg  1.5mg  3mg  6mg 12mg

Grab this premium e-juice !


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