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Fruit Typhoon E-Juice by Atomic Dog Review

Being part of the e-liquids products, Atomic Dog Vapor introduces Fruit Typhoon e-juice made by combining refreshing fruit punch. This e-liquid blend tastes heavenly sweet and is balanced with just the perfect amount of each flavor.  Creating a combination that will wake up your taste buds. The Fruit Typhoon e-juice will surely satisfy all your cravings.

Flavor Description
Fruit Typhoon e-juice is a magical combination of mouthwatering fruit punch. The e- juice itself has the smell of freshly blended fruit in their natural state. This e-juice has an excellent taste to it that will surely leave you wanting more. The best part is that it has no weird aroma but leaves you with a fresh taste and feel, awakening your taste buds all the more. This is a truly premium quality e-liquid that is worth every penny. With Fruit Typhoon e-juice, you can take a tropical vacation any and every time you vape.

Nicotine Concentration
Fruit Typhoon comes in various nicotine concentration levels to ensure that you receive the best experience depending on your desired level of use. This e-juice is available with a maximum of 24mg of nicotine strength level. It is also available in 0mg, 3mg,  6mg, 12mg  for those who like zero to little nicotine when vaping

G/PG Level
Fruit Typhoon e-juice comes with a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. This is an extraordinary blend that brings clouds and vapor to the table with the perfect amount of each. You should, therefore, expect this e-liquid to be ideal for both dripping and even vaping from a tank

Throat Hit
If you go for the maximum available (24mg) of nicotine level concentration, you can expect an intensive hit. However, the Fruit Typhoon e-juice’s throat hit is not harsh or overwhelming at all.  With lesser nicotine concentration options, you should expect a pretty mild throat hit

Vapor Production
The vapor produced by the Fruit Typhoon e-juice is good. Compared to other e-juices products, the Fruit Typhoon‘s vapor production ranks about the same level. If you are using Alien 220 w/ the TFV8 Cloud Beast, or any other similar vaporizer, expect awesome and thicker clouds.

One you see Atomic Dog Vapor product, you will know right away because the packaging stands out. You can see the contents of the bottle. It has a sticker that has the company’s logo printed clearly on the front part of the bottle. You will see the content images of the fruity flavors on the bottle and the nicotine level. It is very easy to spot this product since it stands out from the rest. You will not have to worry about spilling its contents since the bottle cap is firmly locked in place.


The Fruit Typhoon e-juice is very affordable. You can get a bottle of this e-liquid on the Atomic Dog Vapor website for just $8.99. This is perfect if you are a vaper on a budget. Atomic Dog Vapor may sell its e-liquids at a low price, but they are comparable to just about any premium brand out there

The firm has made its mark in the market with its high-quality, affordable e-liquids. Besides ADV Fruit Typhoon, the other e-liquids in the company’s line are ADV Karma Apple, ADV Fruit Nebula, ADV Notorious POG, ADV Code: RY4, ADV Green Apple and so much more

When you open a bottle of this product, your mouth will water right away because of the fruity candy scent. It has a very pleasing scent that all you need to do is to dive in its flavor immediately. Once you inhale the vapor from this Fruit Typhoon e-juice, you can taste the real flavor of fruit punch. The blend is so rich that you can distinctly taste all the flavors in it. You will not get tired of the taste because it has the right sweetness to it. What’s amazing is the cloud production. This e-liquid gives out impressive cloud production. These clouds stay longer in the air. You are able to get varieties nicotine concentration from this product. It will be great if you visit the website for yourself and view all the products.



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