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Disposable E-Cigs Review

Vape disposable e-cig is a new innovation, which has improved the vaping experience to another level. With the disposable e-cig that doesn’t make use of batteries and vape juices, you only have to worry about the disposable vape pod. Even though it’s a disposable e-cig, you can get a lot of puffs from a single pod till it dies. This means that every disposable pod can last you for a whole day.

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The vape disposable e-cigs come with salt nicotine that varies from 2% to 5% depending on the customer preference when purchasing from the Westcoast vape supply online store. Unlike other vape e-juice, the disposable vape e-cig offers its users different varieties of amazing flavors that will stimulate their taste buds with sweetness. 

There are tons of disposable vape pen producers in the marketplace, who make use of different ingredients in creating amazing flavors.

Here’s a list of popular disposable vape pen producers:

  • Puff Bars

Puff Bars is a reputable brand that provides vape users with amazing flavors that suit their demands. They produce a disposable vape that will satisfy all of your cravings with its sweet and tingling tastes. With every inhale and exhale you take from the Puff bars, you are bound to experience an amazing bundle of flavors. The puff bars disposable e-cigs have up to 300 puffs in one bar, which is enough to last for a whole day for any user. Being powered with a whooping 250mah battery, there’s enough power for vaping a whole day.

Loophole in vaping ban has teens turning to disposable e-cigarettes | GMA
  • Cali Bars Disposable Vape

The Cali bars will give you all that you require from a disposable vape pen. They are popularly known for introducing new flavors in every bar. The Cali bars disposable vape is a perfect choice for people that don’t want to worry about recharging batteries. The Cali bars disposable was established from the popular brand California Grown that also produces sweet vape flavors.

  • Propaganda Disposables

The Propaganda disposable brands boost the taste of e-liquids to another level with unique ingredients added in disposable pods. If you want the taste of a disposable vape that brings different varieties of e-liquid in one place, then the Propaganda Disposables is your best choice. The amazing flavors of these disposable pods will definitely attract you to keep coming back for more tasty flavors. The Propaganda and Cali bars disposables vape are known to have collaborated with the sole purpose of developing high quality vape products.

  • Dripmore Disposable Switch

With the name Dripmore brings a huge trending in the vape community because of their reputation. They have developed tons of flavors with the accurate combination of ingredients to bring out the best taste. Each of their switch sticks contains over 300 puffs, which will last a long time for you.

  • Twist Disposable E-cigs

The Twist Disposable e-cigs comes with a pack of pods along with delicious flavors that will satisfy the cravings on your taste buds. The Twist Disposable e-cigs flavors are sweet enough to keep you coming back for more, once you have a taste.

  • Pop Disposable Pods

The Pop Disposable pods is what anyone wouldn’t want to miss. It comes with a pack of flavors that will set your mind ablaze with sweetness. These pods have a 1.2ml juice capacity that will allow you to puff for a whole day.

The above list of leading developers of disposable e-cigs has made an incredible change in the vape community. These disposable e-cig differ from each other based on their manufacturers, which can be bought from the Westcoastvapesupply online store at a certain price rate of $4.99 and above.


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