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Cheap E-Juice Blue Razz Pixy Vape Liquid Review

Each time I hear the word pixy, I always think of something magical in nature. You know, like Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell? But in vape form, these are vibrant fruit flavors mixed with the fun of sweetness to me. Their enchanting tastes are meant to uplift your senses and taste buds. Now let’s see if the magical drops of Cheap E-juice Blue Razz Pixy e-juice will add an extra cheer to our routine.

“Cheap E-juice Blue Razz Pixy is a blue raspberry infused pixy dust candy flavored e-liquid that offers quite the unique taste experience.”

Voila! This vape juice is really enchanting. Your nostrils will definitely love the sweet aroma from this juice. It smells as if you are opening a bag of raspberry candies. When you vape it, its tantalizing flavor will take you to another awesome flavor dimension.  The raspberry taste is very dominant on the inhale. And then, the twist of candy pixy dust comes to play on the exhale. This is truly a dreamy flavor that is very enticing to every vaper’s palate.

What I like about this vape juice is how the sweetness is well-balanced. Although pixy dust is sprinkled all over, its sweetness is not irritating to the throat at all. You can surely enjoy this vape all-day long. What’s more, this does not have a chemical-like aftertaste that coats  your tongue. Instead, this leaves a pleasantly sweet flavor that will make you crave for more.

Blue Razz Pixy by Cheap E-juice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. Its vapor production is great, with a nice and smooth throat hit. I have been vaping this for quite a while, and so far, I did not experience any nicotine buzz, nose tingling sensations, or fits of coughing and the like. And even though this is a sweet vape, it did not leave my mouth and throat feeling dry like a desert. The clouds are as magical as its taste. They are nice, huge, and fluffy, and they do not disappear right away. This fog machine can fill any type of room with raspberry-scented clouds in no time.

There are two nicotine levels available for this blend. Blue Razz Pixy comes in 3 mg and 6 mg of nicotine. While I prefer the 3 mg version, both levels give a pleasantly mild throat hit and full-bodied flavor. They are not harsh on the throat and the nicotine content is not overpowering. This will give you a pretty smooth vaping experience.

Blue Razz Pixy vape juice comes in a 120-ml gorilla bottle with a child-resistant cap. Regardless of this feature, it is best if you keep this away from children’s reach. It has a straightforward packaging, displaying only necessary product information. The label contains the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, size, VG/PG ratio, and the usual warnings. The consistency of the ejuice is not too thick or thin. This juice is friendly to your coils and atomizers, so it’s not likely it will gunk them up.

Cheap E-juice products come in hefty 120-ml bottles. But as its name implies, their prices are very cheap. This is in line with its aim to offer consumers top-notch quality vape liquids at prices that are friendly to the pocket. Currently, this Costa Mesa, California-based company has a wide array of flavor selections in its lineup — from desserts to menthols and fruits. But if you crave for more of its candy-flavored collection, blends including Blue Razz Taffy, Grape Pixy, Rainbow Pixy, Strawberry Pixy, Strawberry Taffy, and Watermelon Taffy are also up for grabs.

You can buy your own 120-mL of Cheap E-juice Blue Razz Pixy e-juice at  I have been reviewing for a long time now, and so far, no one has ever beaten the prices offered on this website.  Blue Razz Pixy is available for as low as $10.99 only.

So overall, if you are a candy lover, give this product a try. It has a spot-on and delicious flavor that will capture the hearts of every sweet tooth vaper out there. It has an excellent vapor and cloud production too. This is the best time to spoil yourself on candy treats without feeling guilty about it! Happy vaping people.


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