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Smok Nfix Vape Pod Kit Review

Smok is arguably one of the most popular vaping brands in the industry. This company based in China is one of the pioneers of vape systems. Although Smok has a massive collection of different vaping systems, the Nfix vape pod…

Cool Mint Zero Tobacco by Niin Pouches Review

People addicted to smoking cigarettes have sought different ways to rid themselves of the habit. For some time, vaping was one of the most popular ways people weaned themselves off the habit of smoking cigarettes. Recently nicotine pouches have been…

Some Perks of Buying From Hazetown Vapes

Vapers in Canada have the option of shopping from different vape stores. Out of these stores, the Hazetown Vapes shop is one of the best, offering impressive vaping products and services. There are many perks of buying from this store….

Rainbow Ribbons Gummy by Just CBD Review

If you have ever been craving for a more pleasant and tasty way to take CBD, CBD-infused gummies are the ideal solution. If you do not fancy the traditional taste of CBD, and you need longer-lasting effects, CBD-infused gummies are…

How to Make Vape Juice From Your Home Laboratory

The days when vapers had to depend on the same flavors are long gone. With a wide supply of DIY e-juice ingredients and equipment from top vape companies like top-rated vape companies like Flavor west, Inawera, Flavorah, Capella, FlavorArt and…

A Look at: The Kanger EVOD

There seems to be some global conspiracy! Every time I label a cartomizer with my “fuck it too much hassle” stamp a brand new more promising one comes out.. and we’re back to the beginning. This is exactly what happened…

Comparing Costs between E-Cigarettes and Traditional Smokes

One of the first questions we’re asked about vaping is cost. While many e-cigarette retailers claim you can save lots of money by switching, there are not too many specific comparisons to regular cigarettes.