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Blue Icicle Vapo Maxx Disposable Vape Pod by VaporTech Review

We’re officially in the era of pod devices, and VaporTech is not being left out. The company released a line of disposable pod systems namely the Vapo, Vapo 1500, and Vapo Maxx. Although they look similar, each one looks unique. You can choose from an array of amazing flavors for these devices. In this post, we’ll be focusing on the Vapo Maxx, particularly the Blue Icicle flavor pod.

But, we can’t tell you about Blue Icicle without, at least, acknowledging the other flavors in the collection. So, they are Pixie Frost, Apple Chill, Fire & Ice, Berry Banana, Bananice, Citrus Pink, Lemon Glacier, RY4, and Tropicoco. As you can probably guess, each one of them is unique. Each pod contains 1.2ml of e-juice. Blue Icicle Vapo Maxx gives you a slushie like flavor. You get a bit of blueberry flavor along with a rich sweetness and a blast of icy menthol. Everything comes together nicely to create this e-juice.

Vapo Maxx Blue Icicle contains 60mg of nicotine, and comes with a VG/PG ratio of 50/50. You can count on getting the smoothest throat hits when you are vaping with this device.

The Vapo Maxx is a disposable pod system. It comes pre-filled and precharged. You never have to deal with messy refills or waiting for the battery to recharge before you can start vaping. You can get up to 280 puffs from each device before it runs out of e-juice and battery power.

The Vapo Maxx is the definition of user friendly. There are no buttons on the device. It is draw-activated. All you need to do is put it to your mouth and start vaping. This means even if you are completely new to e-cigarettes, you will not find it difficult to get a hang of how the Vapo Maxx works. Due to the portable design of the Vapo Maxx, it is perfect for use when you are on-the-go. You can easily slide it in your pocket or conceal it in a grip if you are trying to vape discreetly. If you want a super portable vape pod with some advanced features that is easy to use, the Vapo Maxx is your best bet.

You can get the Vapo Maxx from the VaporTech USA online store. You can choose to buy a single pod for only $4.99, or a pack of ten pods for only $49.99.


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