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Banana Smoothie Disposable Pod Device by Geek Bar Lite Review

Disposable pod devices offer the most basic form of vaping. These devices are designed for easy vaping especially for people on the move. Disposable pod devices are designed like USB systems and come prefilled with e-liquid. With these vaping devices, you don’t need to charging or refilling. All you have to do is vape straight out of the box and dispose of it afterward. Like e-liquids, there are many disposable device flavors on the market by different brands. This piece will focus on Greek Bar’s Lite Banana Smoothie. This disposable device has the flavor of tropical sweet bananas mixed with cream and blended into a delicious smoothie. Banana Smoothie has a rich summer vibe that makes for pleasant vaping sessions. You will not suffer from any harsh notes of artificial flavors when you vape Banana Smoothie.

Banana Smoothie is produced by the Geek Bar e-cig brand which was established in 2015. This company is reputed for the quality of its disposable vape devices designed for discerning vaping enthusiasts. Geek Bar offers some of the best easy-to-use, pocket-friendly disposable vape devices. These devices come with different flavor profiles so there is something for everyone. Examples of the flavors disposable vape flavors by Geek Bar on the market besides Banana Smoothie. These Geek Bar disposable e-liquids are Berry, Lemon Mint, Green Apple, Lush Ice, Mango Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Peach, Mixed Fruit, and Grape Raspberry among others. Like Banana Smoothie, all these disposable devices are made using some of the best ingredients by professionals.

Banana Smoothie by Geek Bar comes prefilled with 1.8ml of nicotine salt e-liquid. This e-liquid comes with 20m of nicotine salt strength. This nicotine strength level will suit vapers who enjoy stronger nicotine kicks. Banana Smoothie by Geek Bar is long-lasting and will give you about 350-400 puffs before running out. Banana Smoothie is ideal for people looking to switch from cigarette smoking to vaping.

Banana Smoothie by Geek Bar comes fitted with a 380mAh pre-charged battery. This device also comes with an LED battery life indicator that allows you to monitor battery levels. You can carry this device anywhere and enjoy discreet vaping.

The Geek Bar brand is one of the most popular in the business and you can buy its disposable vape device at most vape stores. In the UK, Vape Green has the best deals. You can buy Banana Smoothie by Geek Bar Lite via Vape Green for ₤4.99.

Vape Green has an extensive collection of different vaping products including other disposable vape devices by Geek Bars. You can also purchase other vape devices, e-liquids, tanks, mods, and many others via the Vape Green online store. This store is designed for easy shopping and also offers excellent customer service. Their support team will address your inquires in no time. And this vape store offers fast shipping on all orders. And payment with this vape store is easy, they accept different payment options.


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