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Automatic vs. Manual E-Cigarette Batteries

If you’ve been browsing around at e-cigarettes, you’ve likely stumbled across a couple of different types of batteries – manual and automatic.

If you’re new to vaping, you may be scratching your head wondering what these terms mean. Either type can fit the same model but there are distinct differences between the two.
See below for a quick description of each type of battery.

Automatic Batteries

These e-cigarette batteries are automatic since the heating element is engaged when a pressure-sensitive switch inside the unit responds to air being drawn through. Once engaged, a heater coil is turned on, which vaporizes the nicotine e-liquid.


Great for beginners, especially if they’re traditional cigarette smokers looking to e-cigarettes as an alternative since automatic batteries work like a traditional cigarette – just puff and inhale. Also, battery consumption is more controlled, which helps maximize time between charges.


Automatic battery models are more vulnerable to damage due to leaking liquid. Since these models require an air channel through them, sooner or later, the unit will die out or get damaged. Automatic batteries also have restrictions on the length of the drag or number of drags per minute. While this helps maximize battery life, it poses some frustration to veteran users who desire more control over their vaping experience.

Manual Batteries

These e-cigarette batteries have a tiny push-button switch on the battery, which is sealed and less susceptible to damage from a leak. The user pushes the button to engage the heater coil, which vaporizes the nicotine e-liquid that’s inhaled.


Manual batteries give users more control over their vaping experience, allowing longer, more frequent drags. The unit can be pre-heated and left on for as long as you like.


With the ability to take longer drags more frequently though means the battery will not last as long.
As you can see, the big difference between automatic and manual e-cigarette batteries is the switch function. Is there a push button or do you inhale to activate the heating element?

One thing to remember is that you can switch between the two with many e-cigarette models, including signature model.

In the beginning, many choose to use automatic batteries since it most closely resembles a traditional cigarette. But as a newbie becomes a vaper, they may choose manual batteries so they can have more control over how they enjoy e-cigarettes.


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