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Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank Review

The Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank is a follow-up to the popular Nautilus tank. The original Nautilus is one of the top-rated tanks for beginners, and the Nautilus Mini lives up to the expectations. The main difference between both tanks is that the Nautilus Mini can hold only 2ml of e-liquid compared to the 5ml capacity of its predecessor. If you are trying to make the transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping, this Aspire tank is just what you need. The tight draw of the Nautilus Mini was designed to mimic that of cigarettes.
The Aspire Nautilus Mini looks just like the first Nautilus tank. The only difference is that it is smaller. The Nautilus Mini is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. The dimensions of the tank are 68mm by 18mm. The top and base section of this tank is knurled to give it a better grip especially when you want to open the tank.
This Aspire tank is a beauty. It comes with a rounded stainless steel drip tip which is removable. You can fix any standard 510 drip tip on this tank. The drip tip that comes with the tank is designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, so it is perfect for it.
The Aspire Nautilus Mini is very easy to take apart to clean and reassemble. It is composed of three main sections; the top cap with the drip tip, the Pyrex glass sleeve, and the base section where the coil head is fixed. There is an air flow shaft connected to the top cap that sits over the coil head when you piece together the tank.
As indicated above, the Nautilus Mini can hold only 2ml of e-liquid. This tank has a bottom filling design just like the Nautilus. You need to unscrew the base section of the tank and turn it upside down before you can fill the tank. When removing the base section of the coil, the coil head tends to get loose so always check and tighten it properly before you reattach the bottom cap. Also, do not let any e-juice get into the air shaft when you are filling the tank, or you will get spit-backs. It is pretty easy to refill the tank of the Nautilus Mini. However, it is a bit inconvenient that you have to remove the base section of the tank with the coil head each time you need to refill, and if you are a chain vaper, you will need to refill often since this tank can hold only 2ml of e-juice.
The Aspire Nautilus Mini comes with the same bottom vertical coils (BVC) as the first Nautilus. These coil heads, which are designed for MTL vaping, give very rich flavor and they last longer. What’s more, you can use them to vape thick MAX VG e-liquids without any issues whatsoever. The Nautilus comes with two 1.8 ohm coils. However, you can purchase a 1.6 ohm coil head for the tank. It costs about $20 for a pack of five replacement coil heads for the Nautilus Mini in most online vape shops.
The Nautilus Mini comes with the same air flow design as its predecessor. There is an air hole on the base section of the tank. You can choose between four different settings for the air flow of the tank. You will not get big clouds from this tank, but it makes up for that by giving you the accurate flavor of your e-juice.
You can get the Nautilus Mini Tank on Vape Fu for only $22.24. You can get a different sleeve for this tank on the Aspire site. There is a hollowed-out sleeve and a “T” window sleeve.


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