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Apollo E-Liquid Review

The Apollo brand is familiar to many electronic cigarette enthusiasts, mainly because it is one of the oldest in the game. Over the years, the company has built a solid reputation by manufacturing revolutionary and quality products that seem to work magic according to users. Apollo e-cig company produces quality products at lower prices than the competition. This may be because unlike other businesses which sell prefilled vapes, the Apollo brand offers empty e-juice containers and refillable cartridges. Let’s have a look and see whether their extensive range of best vape juice is worth every penny.

Safety First

It is essential to begin by stating that all Apollo juices and flavors are fully made in the US. This may not sound as a big deal to some but all e-cig users know that the juices from China aren’t just of the same quality. Your standard Apollo e-juice is made from vegetable glycerin, 99% laboratory grade nicotine and other safe food ingredients. A fact that is reassuring, to say the least, and gives them an edge over competition importing the juices. In short, smoking Apollo e-liquids literally gives you peace of mind.

The Infinite Variety of Apollo E-Juices
Apart from the common flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, Apollo e-cig offers a wide range of exclusive combos blended by experts to provide a smooth experience for users. According to inside sources, the blending experts come up with all sorts of flavors prior to presenting them to a panel that has to vote for the best juices. After trying out a few of these concoctions, here are my thoughts on the Apollo e-juices.

Banana Cream  If you have sweet memories of when you used to gobble up mountains of banana-split ice-creams, then you are likely to have a blast with this particular e-juice by Apollo. The blending experts somehow managed to capture this flavor with precision and anytime you are in the mood for a creamy banana-split, this will certainly sort you out. However, note that the juice is not an all-day vape because it’s really sweet.

Baja Burst   Surprisingly, one of the most recent flavors, is fast becoming a favorite among most users. The Apollo liquid line-up is filled with classics and for this one to stand out the way it did when I gave it a shot really speaks volumes. The blend entails a cocktail of tropical fruits with lime being the main ingredient. So, if you are into citrus flavors and fruits then this is definitely the one for you.

RY4  Ranked among the most popular and embraced e-juice currently, the RY4 flavor combines the perfect blend of caramel and raw tobacco giving it an authentic taste. Most RY4 flavors from other companies have really disappointed, but not Apollo. The blend is caramel sweet and at the same time raw and musky. If you are a fan of creamy and sweet flavors, then the RY4 from Apollo will really make it worth your while.

Mango Peach   I know what you are thinking and that thought crossed my mind too when I first heard of it. Yes, peach and mango can blend well together, but only if Apollo experts are behind the rare concoction. The mango peach e-juice somehow reminds you of the thirst you feel only on sunny summer afternoons. The peach taste, however, is the stronger of the two. Hints of mango can only be identified from afar especially when exhaling.

Classic tobacco  This flavor does a good job in capturing the robust tobacco flavor that will sort of remind you of a premium cigar. However, Apollo has added extra sweetness to it and this may not go down well with users who prefer the raw tobacco taste left as it is.
All said, Apollo offers its clientele more than 30 best e liquid flavors currently with the list growing by the day as e-cigs become more popular. The e-juices by Apollo indeed set the standards and other competing companies known to import e-liquids will have a hard time matching up.


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